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Terms and Conditions


All rates quoted in US dollars (US$) and rates are subject to change without written notice. Only traveller's cheques, cash and cashiers cheques will be accepted. We regret NO personal cheques. Game NOT LISTED may be negotiated. Certain species DO REQUIRE CITES PERMITS - If you wish to shoot any animal listed under CITES 1, you requested to apply your own authorities for the import permit into your country of domicile, prior to your safari commencing. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE days are regarded as hunting days - daily rate is applicable from date of arrival to date of departure irrespective of the activity. A Safari is booked and confirmed only on receipt of a deposit - the balance of the daily rate is payable on arrival before commencement of the safari. All other costs incurred during the safari together with trophy fees are payable at the end of the safari - only animals taken or wounded will be charged for. While every effort is made to ensure the hunting client's safety, no responsibility can be accepted for any illness, injury, accident or loss sustained while on safari. Should you need to change the date of your safari for any reason, there is no charge to do so. If you are unable to reschedule immediately, we will place your account "on hold" and you may reschedule at any time based on availability. Should you cancel your reservation and not reschedule, the cancellation fee is $250.00 per person if cancelled prior to 90 days from the start date of the safari; within 60 days $500.00 per person. These fees are deducted to cover the costs incurred.